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  • CAR FULL DAY TRACKDAY - 10/11/2013

    Postby TMVINYL » Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:12 pm

    Hi all,

    As some people are aware and some not i have set up a full day car track day event to take place on the 10th November 2013 (sunday)

    If the weather is bad on the day we have confirmation we can change the date and refunds can be given or carried over to the next available date of the track.

    The track time will be 9:30am to 4:30pm however, the gates will be open from 8am allowing you to set up and sort out the forms and outstanding money etc.

    The price (£65) is per driver, if you have more than one car to bring down or you want to drive someone elses the price is £65.

    The deposit payment is none refundable and the remaining £35 can be paid by cash or card on the day.

    If people turn up any time of the day and want to take part, then it will be the same price of £65.


    1. Our registration form must be completed before you enter the track, there will be a form for drivers and passengers - This will be provided to you to fill out before the event and hand in on the day spares will be at the event also.
    2. No drifting - If you want to drift on the track wait for Manx Drifters to start their events. If you are seen drifting on any part of the course you will be asked to leave the airfield
    3. Car Battery - Must be secured in place
    4. Helmet - A CAR / MOTORBIKE helmet must be worn before going out on the track
    5.The Pits - If you are working on your cars in the pit area please tidy up after yourself before leaving
    6.We are setting the limit to 8 cars on the track at anyone time
    7.PASSENGERS - If you have paid for a passenger pass this means you have found someone to sit in as we won't be providing passenger rides around the track. Please remember your helmet.
    8. Rubbish - Can we please ensure that we keep the airfield as tidy as possible to keep all people involved happy
    9. If a car is coming up faster than you on the track please move to one side and let them past

    Rules might be updated as we get closer to the event and finalise things, but we will make sure you are aware of any changes before hand and on the day

    Any question please email

    You can pay on
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